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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Snap Shot: 2011-2012 Season Site News

Silence be damned! I need to start writing more…

Don’t get me wrong. I love writing for Barstool and exploiting their popularity for my own person gain, but a true sports site it surely is not. I have a lot more to say about my favorite sport than what the Stool is willing to publish, and so I figured it was time to take my extra observations elsewhere. Turns out I already have a hockey blog capable to disseminating said observations to fellow Ranger fans. Funny how things work out like that, huh?

Anyways, with the start of preseason only a week away I thought it best to get back to the keyboard. I spent a lot of time this summer developing a video project that I hope you’ll see soon, but I’m a complete newb with it all and it may turn out like complete crap. If anyone out there wants to jump on board the project and has some insight for me, I’d be truly appreciative. It’s a web-based monthly video series aimed at selling hockey’s awesomeness to general sports fans. It’s called Puck My Life: The Hockey Show for General Sports Fans. Do you have any thoughts, ideas or practical solutions for my project? Email me –
Forgive the tangent. Where was I again? Ah yes, preseason is only a week away. I thought I’d start out this season with a slightly different format goal. Hopefully these “Snap Shot” blogs will let me comment a bit more on the actual developments of the Rangers’ season. I still want to write some of the original structured blogs, but those take a long-ass time and don’t often garner much feedback. They’ll come when they come, but until then, I want to let it flow like Jagr’s mullet out of a Jofa helmet.

I also want to open up the site to anyone who wants to contribute Ranger-related writings. That’s right - YOU could be writing for ’94 Parade! Just what you’ve always dreamed of! Put the sliver-sized popularity and prestige of this site aside for a moment. The best part about writing hockey was the sense of community it brought me with other Ranger fans. Whether you’re in Connecticut, St. Louis (I see you Toth) or right in the middle of New York City, there’s nothing like Rangers hockey and it’s been a pleasure sharing that passion with everyone on the facebook page. You want to contribute to the conversation? You want to be heard? Email submissions to and we’ll go from there. Quick thoughts, structured stories, personal experiences – doesn’t matter! Jot ‘em down, send ‘em in and get online.

I have a ton more to talk about regarding Ranger hockey, but this “Snap Shot” post is slowly turning into a novel so I’ll close it out here. Check back in soon for Snap Shot blogs about the Traverse City Prospects Tournament, Ryan Callahan’s captaincy, Sean Avery’s antics and the full season preview. Until then, my friends, Viva La Rangers!

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