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Friday, September 30, 2011

Last Night Lookback - NYR (2) - SPR (0)

Do you remember that freakishly obsessive excitement I described that comes with the day of a Rangers game? Well yesterday that feeling was stunted in so many ways, it became deformed, mangled and emotionally confused. Not only was it a 1pm puck drop (which it is again today), it also wasn’t broadcast anywhere. No TV, no radio, nothing. Normally I’d be able to push the limits of a stretched lunch hour for a period or two and then watch the third back at the office, but this development actually forced me to sit at my desk for two and a half hours straight. I hate taking lunch hour in the office. I need to get out of that place at least once every day for a significant chunk of time. It keeps me fresh, you know how I roll. There I was, lunchless in my cube, all live sports sites thoroughly searched, I resolved myself to blueshirts united dot com’s live chat room with Rangers writer Jim Cerny. Oh boy, was I in for a treat…

Following in the written only chat room was torturously boring and without question the worst way to take in a hockey game. You’re signed in with some user name or facebook account and you type in messages or questions or whatever and then when you press send, it tells you your comment has been submitted for approval. Are you kidding me? Fuck censorship! More than half of my comments didn’t even make it through, and I honestly wasn’t being inappropriate in any way, shape or form. One failed post came after they mentioned the Prague fans beating drums and singing songs with their cheerleaders and their torch-wielding, ice-skating gladiators, I said I’ve always wanted to bring drums and flares into MSG and go European sports fan on the place, but the NYC norm would be all shh and sit downish. After he scored the Rangers second goal, I said “Ruslan ‘Rosy Cheeks’ Fedotenko! Guy’s got blush for days”, but that also didn’t make it past the guards. And even when I did get a comment through, it took so freaking long that whatever I sent was totally irrelevant by the time it got approved. Very frustrating stuff for someone so used to spewing unedited rants.

Jim’s updates were relatively helpful (and I would be his assistant in a second, what a sick job). You knew when a power play was happening, you kind of got how the game was progressing, and you knew when a goal was scored. But in between the actual observations of the game from people watching it live, you had to deal with some of the dumbest comments ever uttered by Ranger fans. Some d-nozzle said that the Rangers haven’t been the same since they traded Scott Gomez. At least 200 other people besides me answered back - yeah, they've been better since he left. This guy also said it was dumb to trade Roszival and that Redden should be called back up for our first D pairing. After I while I honestly thought he had to be kidding, but who actually does stuff like that? Who sits at their computer and just says dumb shit about their favorite team? Some other space cadet was talking about how we should sign Matt Cooke. “Cooke-Shelly-Asham should be the top line for NYR” is a direct quote. Are you fucking kidding me? I couldn’t believe that crap was getting through, and I was powerless to retort with no chance of getting my comebacks approved. Someone asked what the loudest American hockey building is and a person actually answered New Jersey. I have to assume they did it with a straight face too. NEW JERSEY!? Yeah, maybe if they’re playing the Rangers, but hell no way is that even close to being true. The Devils have 728 fans total. Their building isn't full enough to be loud enough, they're just annoying. Sadly enough I would put money on Philly being the loudest, though Washington can get pretty pumped too. Minny? I don't know, feel free to share your opinion. Regardless of arena volume, the point is that people were just saying factually misguided and insanely idiot statements left and right. It, too, was very frustrating for someone so used to the eloquent and intelligent readers I've been so blessed with.

As far as the game goes, it sounds like the win was not well worked for. Marty Biron was the star of the afternoon pitching a shutout and stoning Sparta on numerous odd man rushes. Anisimov got the team’s first goal followed by Fedotenko’s PP follow up less than three minutes later. Erixon had an assist but was credited with two (Stepan definitely had the other on a sick passing sequence for their second tally), MDZ and Dubinsky each notched a point as well. It sounds like we came out flat in the first, maybe a little jet lagged and sluggish, picked it up in the second to score both goals and settled down in the third. It didn’t sound like an exciting last frame, but the boys in blue managed to keep Sparta off the board and come away from Prague with another preseason victory. Christensen was in for Wolski (groin) and it doesn’t sound like he made the most of his opportunity. I really hope we cut this guy soon. Seeing that same idiot who wanted Redden back up say that EC is awesome and that he should have a spot on the team simply for shootouts helped to confirm my own Christensen conclusion. He’s garbage; a waste of a roster spot. Bye-bye. Thanks for showing up once every ten games.

So today’s game against the Frolunda Indians should be a lot better, if only because it’s being broadcast on MSG and so following along in a chatroom is unnecessary. It’s Hank’s hometown team and he’ll very much be the center of everyone’s attention. Twin brother Joel is now captain of the Indians, so they will meet on the ice as friends and family watch from the stands. Weird team name for a bunch of Swedes – the Indians. Did we send all our Native Americans to Scandinavia back in the day or something? Is that where they all went? Now they have a hockey team in Frolunda and a couple casinos in Connecticut and life is all good, right? I’m fairly certain that’s how that whole trail of tears thing worked out...

Allright, there’s work to be done. If I’m going to zone out all afternoon watching this Rangers game, I need to be productive now. This hangover sure isn’t helping though. Until next time, fellow fans - LET'S GO RANGERS!

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